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Calgary junk removal service

We do all the work of loading your unwanted junk and hauling to the landfill & recycling!

Whether it's a small or big job, we can do it all. With our demolition teams, we can get the job done!


Why pay more for less?(Cost per cubic yard!)

To be an aware consumer you must know this ONE thing about junk removal service. All junk removal companies charge by the load size BUT not all junk removal companies use the same size units. This meaning a quote from one company saying a 1/4 load is X amount may be much less than the other company for 1/4 load but it could also be a different amount of space. Our junk removal units are 14ft long, 7ft wide and 6ft high creating a 22 cubic yard space for junk. We charge $32 to $40/cubic yard depending on the size of your junk pick up. The industry average is $52/ cubic yard. Shop around and do your research to save yourself a few dollars!

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Professional & Hassle free service

We put hard work into creating the most profesional junk removal service in Calgary. One of our attributes for a professional junk removal service is clean and attractive junk removal units. We want you to know that its us at your front door at the time you booked our service, and we want to show you some professional level service with up to date junk removal units that are clean and can get the job done with no hassle.

$12.00 - $22.00 per cubic yard cheaper!

calgary junk removal

"JUNK" isn't always landfill material

We put hard work into sorting out what goes to the landfill and what goes to the recycling or donations. Lets face it people know that things can be recycled or be donated, but they just don't have the time to load and transport these items to the facilities that recycle or a location for donation. In the price that you pay for the junk removal service by us, know that there is time going into sorting this material out of the pile that goes to the landfill which is than recycled or donated to the appropriate places. We have always done this and will continue to do this as long as WE - DO - JUNK!

"Junk" causing stress while your moving?

Get "IT" Gone Junk understands the moving process and what all comes along with it. We are here to hopefully relieve some of that awful movers stress for you! When your moving and packing up your home, you always come across all that stuff or "junk" you've forgotten about and takes up space in your storage room or crowded closet. Why move that stuff with you? Why have it cause the stress of thinking about what your going to do with it? If its some nice items you may want to offer it to friends, neighbors or put it up on kijiji to try and get a few dollars, but what happens when you come to the last few days before your move date and you still have it? CALL US, and we will handle it for you! If its some nice items we try our best to donate or give it away to somebody in need or last resort, if needed we will recycle and dispose of the items. So dont move your unwanted junk with you, call us and let us solve that problem. After all it is our job!

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